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2012, the Revelation (Italian: 2012, la rivelazione) is the fourth and final book in the Maya Fox novel series by Rainbow SpA. Like the other three books, it was based on characters created by Iginio Straffi and was co-written by Straffi and Silvia Brena.

The book was first published in Italy in November 2011.


December 21, 2012 is quickly approaching, the day on which the prophecy will be fulfilled. It follows a countdown of unpreventable deaths and natural disasters, including a tsunami has shifted the Earth's axis ten centimeters. To make Maya even madder, someone has tried to kill Trent, her dear love and the only one for whom she is ready to sacrifice her destiny. Trent lies on a hospital bed, lost in a coma that seems irreversible. Maya has to leave him, as her fate leaves her no escape and she has a mission to accomplish: she is the Predestined, the only one who can open the doors of the apocalypse.

Accompanied by the spirit of her murdered father, as well as by a friar with mysterious knowledge and by a Shaolin monk, Maya faces the fate of the universe, threatened by a powerful and ancient sect. It is a path studded with disturbing questions. Who really is Hector Parravicini, the charming aristocrat who accompanies Maya on her journey? What truth is hidden in the last days of humanity: is it the end of everything or the beginning of a new era? And what will become of Trent, the boy Maya had been destined to live with forever? As the clock runs inexorably towards the dawn of December 21st, Maya will discover the ultimate truth about herself and her love.

Publishers in other countries

  • Brazil: Editora Planeta
  • France: Pocket Jeunesse
  • Portugal: Editorial Presença
  • Spain: Ediciones Destino



  • The art director for the book was Fernando Ambrosi, and the cover artwork was illustrated by Sara Helwe.