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Dr. David "Dave" Fox was Maya's father. He was murdered by Michael Gacy before the events of the first book.

David communicates with Maya from beyond the grave, offering her advice and warnings.


Before his death, David was a renowned astrophysicist who taught at the Queen Mary University of London. He spent most of his free time conducting research at a studio house in Hampstead. David was fascinated (almost to the point of obsession) by ancient Mayan astronomy, especially the Mayans' prophecy about the apocalypse in 2012. He named his daughter Maya after the Mayans.


On one of his last nights alive, David stopped to get some papers from his office. Distracted by her cell phone, Maya waited in her father's car for over half an hour before realizing something was wrong. When she walked into his studio house to check on him, she found the room in disarray and a trail of blood leading behind David's desk. From the corner of her eye, Maya could see David's killer escaping down the stairs, wearing a windbreaker and a hood over his head.

Maya didn't scream or move at all, barely able to look at her father's body. After eventually mustering the strength to call for help, Maya noticed that David's neck was slightly moving. His carotid inflated and deflated, telling Maya that he was still alive, and she finally let out a scream. David was sent to the hospital, where he stayed in a coma for ten days before dying.