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Maya Fox is the title character and protagonist of the Maya Fox series. She is a 17-year-old girl with the power to speak with the dead.

Maya was designed by Iginio Straffi, who co-created all of the characters in the series with Silvia Brena.


Maya lives in a quaint neighborhood in London with her mother, Megan, who works as a criminologist. Maya's father, David, was an astronomer who died three years before the events of the first book. David was murdered by a psychopathic serial killer named Michael Gacy, who goes after Maya after escaping from prison.

Maya likes to dress in all black and listen to punk rock music. She is always on her iPod and is a big fan of My Chemical Romance. She is almost inseparable from her best friend, Flo, who is a lot cheerier than Maya.


Maya has very pale skin and raven-black hair. She mainly wears a light ribbon around her neck, a black shirt cut at the sleeves and midsection, and a pair of ripped black jeans. In most artwork, she has two tattoos that match the pattern on her shirt, one below her left shoulder and another below her navel. Her Minimate design has icy blue eyes and cherry-red lipstick, but Maya is usually only seen in black-and-white.


Normal design

Chibi design