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The Predestined (La predestinata in Italian and La elegida in Spanish) is the first book in the Maya Fox series by Rainbow SpA. Like the other three books, it was based on characters created by Iginio Straffi and was co-written by Straffi and Silvia Brena.

The book was first published in Italy on 28 October 2008 with a print run of 40,000 copies.


Maya discovers that she has an unusual gift: she can talk to the dead. It is up to Maya to master her gift, which will not be an easy task, especially with a serial killer following her untiringly. Maya soon learns that she is the only one who can decipher the mystery surrounding an apocalyptic prophecy. In a race against time, she tries to use her newfound power to save herself and mankind.



Back cover

The original Italian edition has a cryptic quote from Maya on the back cover:

Non dovevi catturarmi.
E ora peggio per te.
Non sai cosa hai scatenato.
Da certe cose è meglio stare lontani.

In English, her quote translates to "You didn't have to catch me. Now things are worse for you. You don't know what you unleashed. It's better to stay away from certain things."

Back cover

Publishers in other countries

  • Brazil: Editora Planeta
  • France: Pocket Jeunesse
  • Portugal: Editorial Presença
  • Spain: Ediciones Destino