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Tomorrow, 2012 (Italian: Domani, 2012) is the third book in the Maya Fox novel series by Rainbow SpA. Like the other three books, it was based on characters created by Iginio Straffi and was co-written by Straffi and Silvia Brena.

The book was first published in Italy in October 2010.


Leaving Trent behind, Maya heads to Italy, accompanied by the mysterious Italian nobleman, Hector Parravicini de Giorgi. They look for a mythical portal to the underworld, which will open on the 21st of December. Following the clues of the Sator Square, Maya and Hector's quest guides them through a string of iconic Italian cities. They travel from San Galgano to the cursed city of Turin, then to Loreto.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Alderighi is leading an investigation into the suspicious murders of young girls. For the commissioner, the troubling case awakens memories of similar crimes from twenty years earlier. At the time, he suspected Duke Uberto Parravicini, Hector's father, who was then the head of a sect: the order of Tau, a dissident branch of the Knights Templar. Has the Duke, who mysteriously disappeared years ago, returned? Has his son taken up the torch?

Publishers in other countries

  • Brazil: Editora Planeta
  • France: Pocket Jeunesse
  • Portugal: Editorial Presença
  • Spain: Ediciones Destino



  • Maya and Hector visit Loreto, the Italian town where Rainbow SpA's studio is located.